trace my ip I am thawing
I am thawing
“I sit before flowers
hoping they will
train me in the art
of opening up.”
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Anonymous: wow that is AMAZING!!!! Awesome about the hand dryer!!. Too bad about the passes. Being stuck is never fun.

Thank you :)

Ya I’m hoping to get some passes back soon!

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Anonymous: How is your evening going?

I’m kinda bummed cause I didn’t makes weight so I don’t get any passes but I did a big challenge and used a hand dryer for the first time since forever!!!!

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tres tres bored zzzzz

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Living Dead Girl

If someone asked me what it is like to live with an eating disorder,

I would tell them It’s not a life.
How can it be, when each day you wake up,
disappointed that you did not die in your sleep.
Disappointed that, once again, you have to drag yourself through the motions of…

Gut wrenchingly relatable.

thank you :) 

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